In September, the Planning Department will be having their final two vision workshop meetings and wrapping up all our visioning activities, including the survey.  If you haven’t yet participated, this is a great time to get involved and share your thoughts about the future of Wasco County and land use planning.

On October 3, from 3-5pm at the Discovery Center lower level classroom, we will holding a Planning Commission/Citizen Advisory Group meeting to share all the results from the visioning workshops, survey, stakeholder meetings, and public comment.  Staff is producing a report that shares all the results and summarizes them, so stay tuned for that toward the end of the month.

The October meeting will also help staff finalize the workplan the Planning Department submits to the Department of Land Conservation and Development for final approval and commencement of our Voluntary Periodic Review.  To review the criteria related to Voluntary Periodic Review, please click here.

If you have additional suggestions for work tasks, please feel free to send them via email or submit a comment through this website.  You will also have an opportunity to submit comment during the October 3rd hearing.

To view all the work to date, including hearing agendas, workplan, and other update materials please see our References page.

The next phase of Wasco County 2040 will be to address policy amendments in the Comprehensive Plan.  From our vision workshops, we will be identifying a priority list and making some recommendations for different policies.  We anticipate conducting another round of roadshow events in 2018 to work through those policy amendments before we head into implementation.

Thank you to everyone who has participated to date, you are helping shape the future of Wasco County planning!