Central Gorge Producer Survey (OSU)

Are you a farmer in Wasco County? OSU, WSU and Gorge Grown Food Network are currently surveying farmers in the central Gorge. Here is the information: Dear Farmers and Ranchers, Gorge Grown Food Network, OSU Extension and WSU Extension are engaged in planning their programs, workshops and projects for the next few years and have … Continue reading Central Gorge Producer Survey (OSU)

Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Planning staff participated in a series of events sponsored by Travel Oregon in 2016. This series was focused on rural tourism, and ways to improve outreach, coordination, marketing, and more in the Gorge and Eastern Oregon. Wasco is split into two regions according to Travel Oregon.  The majority of the county is in the Central … Continue reading Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Wasco County Farm Subsidies

One of the things we wanted to understand, in preparing for the Comprehensive Plan update, was how some farmland in Wasco County is currently being used and how that may change in the future. A critical program for conserving land and habitat is through the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).  In 2016, land enrolled in the … Continue reading Wasco County Farm Subsidies

New Lots in Resource Zones (Farm & Forest)

In trying to understand how our land use planning policies and rules have impacted development and growth to date, staff analyzed existing data.  One of the key issues we wanted to understand was growth potential based on our current regulations. The infographic below demonstrates, based on our current zoning designations and rules, the potential new … Continue reading New Lots in Resource Zones (Farm & Forest)