Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Planning staff participated in a series of events sponsored by Travel Oregon in 2016. This series was focused on rural tourism, and ways to improve outreach, coordination, marketing, and more in the Gorge and Eastern Oregon. Wasco is split into two regions according to Travel Oregon. ┬áThe majority of the county is in the Central … Continue reading Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Wasco County Park Inventory

Wasco County has a variety of recreation facilities, including camping, hiking, fishing and horseback riding parks. Staff has developed a draft update to the Wasco County Parks inventory listed in the original Comprehensive Plan. WascoCountyParksInventory We used this data to help us tell the story of recreation in Wasco County: Because we were using the … Continue reading Wasco County Park Inventory

Recreation in Wasco County: At a Glance

One of the Oregon State land use planning goals is Recreation (Goal 8). ┬áNot only is it part of our current Comprehensive Plan, but we anticipate recreation being a critical part of our vision for the future of Wasco County. The current Comprehensive Plan has an inventory of day use and overnight facilities in Wasco … Continue reading Recreation in Wasco County: At a Glance