Tourism Infographic

Planning staff attended the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance Summit yesterday to learn more about trends with tourism.  The meeting included speakers from the agro-tourism and craft beverage sectors in Wasco County.  There was also continued discussion on encouraging more traffic and tourism from Portland to head further east to reduce congestion and spread the impact.

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History of Exclusive Farm Use Zones in Oregon and Wasco County

Part of the recently approved Chapter 3 (Agricultural Land) of Wasco County 2040 is a historical review of farm land regulations and laws.  The history of agricultural lands and state law are critical to understand current agricultural lands regulations in Wasco County’s Land Use and Development Ordinance.

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Progress on Tasks 3-8

On October 17th the BOCC will have its final hearing on Work Task 3 to adopt updates to Chapter 3 of Wasco County 2040.  The final draft will then be sent to the Department of Land Conservation and Development for approval.

On October 9th, a work session with the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) was held to discuss proposed updates related to work tasks 5-8.  Feedback from the CAG and the

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