Recreation in Wasco County: At a Glance

One of the Oregon State land use planning goals is Recreation (Goal 8).  Not only is it part of our current Comprehensive Plan, but we anticipate recreation being a critical part of our vision for the future of Wasco County. The current Comprehensive Plan has an inventory of day use and overnight facilities in Wasco … Continue reading Recreation in Wasco County: At a Glance

Wasco County 2040 Citizen Advisory Group

The Citizen Advisory Group is made up of Planning Commission members, but runs according to a separate charter with different Chair and Vice Chair leadership. The Citizen Advisory Group members self-identified areas in Wasco County they felt they best represented in order to help citizens make direct connections.  GIS Staff created a  territory map to illustrate … Continue reading Wasco County 2040 Citizen Advisory Group

Rural Residential Zones

In preparing for the Comprehensive Plan update, one of our main tasks was to take a look at available research and data and review the current status of our zones.  To make the information more accessible and help tell the story, we prepared infographics on the major zones in Wasco County. Above is an infographic which … Continue reading Rural Residential Zones

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Oregon's statewide Land Use Planning Goals are achieved through local comprehensive planning.  State law requires each city and county to adopt a comprehensive plan and the zoning and land use/development ordinances needed to put the plan into effect. Plans are structured around the state's Land Use Planning Goals.  Each Goal has specific policies that help us … Continue reading What is a Comprehensive Plan?