Welcome to our second Virtual Open House for the Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) Update. This open house focuses on the legislative update/model code audit revisions to Chapter 1 (Definitions), and Sections 3.110 (F-1 Forest Zone), 3.120 (F-2 Forest Zone), and 3.210 (A-1 Exclusive Farm Use Zone). We are also including the addition of agritourism provisions to the Exclusive Farm Use Zone as part of this round of updates.

To simulate the experience of an in-person event but in an on-demand format, we have prepared a series of videos and other interactive content for you. The whole experience should take, on average, between 1 hour to an hour and a half, and will be available from May-August 2021, so you can revisit at any time.

Advance slides using the arrow keys at the bottom of the frame. To hear the audio for each slide, hit the speaker icon in the top right corner. You can use the three-dot button next to the arrow keys to view the slide show in a new window, autoplay, and explore other options.

Click on the icon for a short video overview

Learn about the project with a video overview of the LUDO Update. After watching the short video,  read about the process, and review the FAQs. You can also send us a question and we will follow up via email, our FAQs and our Ask a Planner events.

Every year, the state legislature passes new laws or revisions to existing laws that impact the Oregon Land Use Planning Program and land use laws. While staff can apply mandatory laws directly from the Oregon Revised Statutes, the preference is to incorporate into the Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) through references and updated code.

Since 2012, there have also been some optional revisions to state law that impact allowed uses in our resource, farm and forest, zones. The revised drafts will highlight both the mandatory updates and the optional revisions.

To ensure consistency with state law, Wasco County received a grant in 2016 to have an external audit performed on resource zones (farm and forest) comparing it with the State Multi-County Model Code. At the same time, staff prepared for the Planning Commission an internal audit of the resource zones.

The result of these audits are some revisions to the farm and forest zones to more accurately reflect state law requirements and modify the procedural steps for approving land development permits. This includes adding required permitted or conditional uses, changing conditional uses (Type III) to subject to standards uses (Type II), and adding or removing requirements considered during an application review.

Visit our State Law Updates and Consistency landing page to access an overview video, review the external audit, read a one-page overview of proposed revisions, and review farm and forest drafts that include a revision overview cover sheet. You can also take a survey on proposed optional farm zone revisions and a survey on proposed optional forest zone revisions, view the map of potential areas eligible for the accessory forest dwellings, ask a planner questions, submit comments, and learn about the overall update process. If you have questions about some of the optional proposed uses, check out the FAQ for more information or send us your questions.

During Wasco County 2040, the update to the Wasco County Comprehensive Plan, community members asked staff to analyze and share all possible economic development tools for the farm zone. In 2018, Wasco County Planning staff toured the County to talk about adding a new use, agritourism, to the farm zone.

The consensus was to add the full, state allowed provisions. We have combined this update with our Legislative and Model Code update revisions. If you visit the Agritourism landing page, you can view a short overview video, take a poll about recent public feedback about potential additional requirements, read a one page overview, and review the farm zone draft revisions that include an overview coversheet. You can also ask a planner questions, submit comments, and learn about the overall update process.

Please note, based on some of the questions from the public presentation, staff went back and verified that restaurants in conjunction with a winery is an optional use. In addition, we noted that the facility for farm processing up to 10,000 square feet is also optional but had been omitted from the slides. We apologize for any confusion, and have added correct mark ups to the draft and edited the slide show above to reflect these additional, optional uses. Thank you to participants!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about some of the proposed LUDO Updates. To learn about the many ways you can get involved, watch How to Participate. The Participate menusubmit commentsask a planner a questionsign up for email notices, and learn about future events are additional ways to get informed.