Welcome to our first Virtual Open House for the Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) Update 2022. This open houses focuses on the new, proposed Chapter 14 for Communication Facilities (cellular towers and small cell facilities).

To simulate the experience of an in-person event but in an on-demand format, we have prepared a series of videos and other interactive content for you. The whole experience should take, on average, thirty minutes to one hour and will be available from April until August 2022, so you can revisit at any time.

Advance slides using the arrow keys at the bottom of the frame. You can use the three-dot button next to the arrow keys to view the slide show in a new window, autoplay, and explore other options.

Click here for a short video overview

Learn about the project with a video overview of the LUDO Update. After watching the short video, read about the process, and review the FAQs. You can also send us a question and we will follow up via email, our FAQs and our Ask a Planner events.

Staff is proposing, based on recommendations from the Department of Land Conservation and Development during the 2016 Model Code Audit, to introduce a new, standalone chapter for permitting communication facilities with requirements from state and federal law. The language in the proposed chapter is mandatory and what staff already uses to evaluate communications facilities when permitting.

We have prepared a one-page summary overview, proposed drafts with a revision cover sheet that allow you to make a comment directly in the draft, and a short video overview. You can then ask a planner questions, submit comments, and sign up for email notifications about news and events.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about some of the proposed LUDO Updates. To learn about the many ways you can get involved, watch How to Participate. The Participate menusubmit commentsask a planner a questionsign up for email notices, and learn about future events are additional ways to get informed.