Environmental Protection Districts will be getting a new name, as well as revisions to make the language easy to understand and consistent. Click here to learn more!

Since 2012, the Legislature has passed many mandatory, and some optional, updates that need to be incorporated into the LUDO. In addition, we will be making mandatory updates resulting from a 2016 independent audit.

During Wasco County 2040, participant consensus was to add agritourism uses and activities to Wasco County farm zones to allow for new opportunities for economic development.

The development permit review procedures chapter of the LUDO has been through an overhaul to reorganize and streamline. Most of the changes are non-substantive and part of our broader effort to improve our process.

The Wasco County Technical Advisory Group and staff identified several improvements to the Land Divisions LUDO chapter to make it more efficient. This will include splitting off road standards into their own Chapter.