LUDO Update meetings will begin in  April 2021 starting with:

April 6 (3pm-5pm)
Planning Commission Work Session
LUDO Update Kick-Off Meeting

We also have a variety of other events in April to share information and receive public input to updates on procedures, land divisions and road standards. Look for these icons throughout the site to learn more: procedure-1landdivision-1

April 12th- Virtual Open House goes live.  This will be an on demand “event” where you can learn through videos, text, and exercises more about the proposed updates.  This will be available throughout 2021.

April 14 (5-6:30PM)
Public Presentation of LUDO Update 2021 Scope.  This meeting will be virtual and recorded, so you can watch without attending the live event. 

April 22 (TBA)
Ask the Planner Event.  Send us your questions and we will provide live answers at a 1 hour session broadcast via Facebook live.

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If you would like Planning staff to present to your organization or community, please contact staff.