May 2nd, 9:30 AM
Wasco County Board of Commissioners Hearing
Wasco County Courthouse room 302

This hearing is to review proposed Amendments to Chapters 1 and 2 of Wasco County 2040. These are the first proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan. You can learn more by reading this.

We are currently scheduling a new series of roadshow events for May and June.   At these events, we will be discussing economic development, land use planning incentives, water conservation and development and agri-tourism.  Here are the events scheduled to date:

Roadshow Events:

May 30 (Wed)
Dufur City Hall

May 31st (Thurs)
Mosier Grange Hall

June 5 (Tues)
Columbia Gorge Comm. College
Lecture Hall (Bldg 2)

June 7 (Thurs)
Legion Hall (Maupin)

These are open, public work shops that will include short overviews of topic and then group discussion.  You also have the opportunity to share some opinions about the topics via our survey or by submitting a comment.

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