This work begins in 2022.

Available and affordable housing was a significant challenge to Wasco County’s future identified by participants during Wasco County 2040. Staff engaged citizens with potential solutions, including eliminating prohibition against single wide mobile homes, allowing for accessory dwelling units in rural residential zones, and streamlining any other regulation that may reduce affordability and availability of housing in Wasco County. The public was all in favor of adopting or removing criteria and regulation based on these solutions and generally opening up opportunities for alternative dwelling types.

This work task will encompass these topics and ask for significant public input in developing criteria, regulation, or eliminating regulation from the Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) to increase opportunities for housing in Wasco County.

Accessory dwelling units will be constrained by several factors in state law, including the currently underway Statewide Wildfire Risk Assessment Mapping. They will also only be permitted in rural residential zones outside state designated Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas. We anticipate more information being available in late 2022.

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