Chapter 21 in the Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) pertains to land divisions.  This work will not modify minimum parcel sizes.  Past surveying and planning staff identified several key challenges to this chapter that have complicated some partition applications.  Wasco County Planning Staff conducted an audit in 2019-2020, comparing the language with counterparts statewide and analyzing the language compared with state law.

As a result, staff has made revisions to the formatting and some of the language to better align with state law, clarify criteria, and streamline application permitting.  The Chapter has been reviewed by a technical advisory group consisting of several surveyors who have provided additional feedback to improve the process and clarify rules.

These updates were approved November 3, 2021 by the Board of County Commissioners and will go in to effect in the beginning of 2022.

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View the public presentation from April 14th below. You can also view the presentation slides.