The Wasco County Planning Department, Planning Commission, and Board of Commissioners have identified the need to update our Comprehensive Plan.  Since its adoption in 1983, the Comprehensive Plan has served as the vision document that informs our Land Use and Development Ordinance and how we implement state and local land use regulations to achieve that vision.  Over the years, the Comprehensive Plan has had some revisions while many portions of the document have remained unchanged.  This means much of our primary long-range planning document – our vision and goals document – is more than thirty years old.

To best serve our community and create the most sustainable future for Wasco County, the Planning Department staff envisioned drafting a new Comprehensive Plan that captures not only where we have been and where we are now, but where we would like to go.  A large part of that work involved you – community members and stakeholders – your feedback is responsible for guiding the policy and action plans for the new Comprehensive Plan, Wasco County 2040.

As this multi-year project winds down, we want to share some of the highlights for the new Wasco County Comprehensive Plan.

  • New, user friendly format
  • Updated data, references, and findings
  • Encourages incentive programs for development applications
  • Reduces restrictions where appropriate
  • Updated resource inventories
  • Clarified restrictions in Natural Areas and Wild and Scenic Rivers Overlay to make all proposed uses conditional/no longer prohibit certain uses
  • Allows for agri-tourism uses permitted by state law
  • Allows for accessory dwelling units in rural residential lands when permitted by state law
  • Promotes coordination and outreach with partners

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