The process for any update to land use plans is guided by Oregon Revised Statutes 197.610-197.620.  Wasco County will replicate some of the momentum from Wasco County 2040 (the Comprehensive Plan update) by continuing our robust public involvement and outreach, including public work sessions and open houses where citizens have the opportunity to engage with the proposed revisions ahead of the hearings schedule.  

The process for the LUDO Update, over three years, begins with several months to years of research, consultation with experts, and then drafting Ordinance language. Each year has a well developed public process, from April and August, when public comment is encouraged. The hearings phase is tentatively scheduled sometime between September and December. Items will first go to the Planning Commission and then advance, upon approval, to the Board of County Commissioners. Once approved by the Board, the amendments will be advanced to the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development for final approval.

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