Postcards have been mailed to all property owners in unincorporated Wasco County to remind community members about our ongoing efforts, Wasco County 2040, to update the Comprehensive Plan.

Included on the postcard are upcoming event dates for Citizen Advisory Group work sessions.  These include:

March 12th
CAG Work Session
Wasco County Public Works Building

Wednesday, March 20th
Columbia Gorge Community College Bldg 2 Lecture Hall

Thursday, March 21st
Tygh Valley Community Center

Tuesday, March 26th
Mosier Grange Hall

Thursday, March 28th
Wamic Community Center

Tuesday, April 9th
Dufur School cafeteria

Work sessions on the 20th, 21st, 26th, 28th and 9th are part of our annual road show where we tour the County to talk about Work Tasks for the year.  In 2019, our work plan includes updates to housing policies.  As part of this conversation, staff will be presenting some possible land use planning solutions to allow for more parcel size flexibility and increase development opportunities.  While we heard from members of the public the interest in changing the minimum parcel size for zones like Exclusive Farm Use, state law prohibits a reduction.   Instead, we have developed a variety of possible modifications to our zoning map that could increase opportunities for residential and economic development.  For some history on the EFU minimum parcel size, please see our handout: Wasco County and EFU Minimum Parcel Size.

We invite community members to attend and participate in our small group discussions and exercises and share your opinion about these land use planning solutions.

If you can’t make one of the meetings, we encourage you to submit comments, take our survey, and explore this site for more information on the updates and progress with Wasco County 2040.

The meeting scheduled for March 12th happens at 4pm.  The first hour is reserved for training of the Citizen Advisory Group.  The second hour, from 5pm-6pm, will be to review proposed changes to the aggregate and historic/cultural/archeological inventories and Comprehensive Plan map and policies/implementation related to Transportation.  The information is available on the Planning Commission upcoming agenda page.

If you are interested in learning more about replacement of structures damaged or destroyed by the 2018 fire season, we encourage you to start with our handout on the process.

If this is your first interaction with Wasco County 2040, a good place to start is with our overview handout here.  You can also learn about our progress for this multi-year project here.  Finally, if you are new to land use planning or want to review the overall timeline and work plan, we recommend starting here.

We look forward to hearing from you this March!