Historic Sites in Wasco County

Historic landmarks were designated in the Comprehensive Plan via an inventory and updated in 1994.  Protected by Environmental Protection District #4, these resources have additional review criteria for development applications that may impact the sites or structures.

The inventory lists the following sites:

1. Oregon Trail: This east-west route was the highway to the Northwest that ended
in The Dalles.
2. Barlow Road and Cut-off Road: This was the alternate route to the Willamette
Valley from the east. The former route was the Columbia River, which was a
costly and dangerous trip. The road was built in 1845-6 by Samuel K. Barlow.
3. The Dalles Military Wagon Road: This was the main military road to interior
Oregon from Fort Dalles.
4. ** Jonah H. Mosier Sawmill Site.
5. Lower Fivemile School.
6. Mt. Hood Flat School.
7. Lower Eightmile School.
8. Mill Creek Grange.
9. Wolf Run Community Hall.
10.Center Ridge School
11.Columbia Hall
12.**Bear Springs Camp Shelter (owned by the U.S. Forest Service)
13.**Wapinitia School/Gym (school is demolished)
14.White River Dam
15.Old White River Station Camp (owned by the U.S. Forest Service)
16.Pine Grove School
17.Jersey School
18.Lower Antelope School
19.Fivemile Rapids (National Register of Historic Places) listed 1974 (Site not
identified on GIS to protect cultural resources)
20.Memaloose Island (eligible for placement on the National Register)
21.Abbott site near Wapinitia (eligible for placement on the National Register)
22.*Celilo Falls (#76)
23.Record Size Black Walnut (#67)
24.Old Fashioned Yellow Rose (#10)
25.Ox Yoke Monument (#70)
26.*Seufert Viaduct (#119)
27.*BNRR Bridge (#80)
28.Dalles Canyon City Road Bridge (#83)
29.Upper White River Canyon Grade (#12)
30.Hinton House (#7) (National Register of Historic Places)
31.Nansene (#66)
32.*Mark O. Mayer House (#30)
33.Friend Store, Post Office, and Real Estate Office (#125 & #49)
34.Thomas Slusher House (#51) – Removed from list via CPA-08-102
35.Wapinitia Hotel (#15)
36.OWRR&N Railroad Section House (#77)
37.Round Barn (#53)
38.Smock Prairie School (#14)
39.Friend School (#126)
40.Petersburg School (#128)
41.Fairbanks School (#71)
42.Clarno School (#65)
*Located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
**listed on statewide register of historic areas


Water Conservation Public Input Results

Thank you to all participants at events and online!  We got great feedback from people on how to leverage the land use planning program to help support conservation of water resources.

Results from the survey are closely aligned with what we heard at events; by in large, the community emphasized incentives and education as the best strategies for Wasco County 2040 to focus on when developing policy for water conservation.

Here are the results from the survey:


Wasco County Planning staff is currently preparing a report that analyzes all input during the last several months and offering some recommendations for Wasco County 2040 which will be initially presented to the Planning Commission in August.

We encourage you to attend our hearings, and submit comments online at any time.

If you are looking for more information about water conservation in Wasco County, we encourage you to visit the Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District website for various resources.

You can also learn more about water rights, wells, drought, water conservation, and various other water related issues impacting Oregon by visiting the Oregon Water Resources Department‘s website.

Agri-tourism Resources

Over the last several months, we have spoken to lots of community members about agri-tourism and how we may incorporate available land use provisions for events and activities into Wasco County 2040. We will be working to adopt some new language to Wasco County 2040 and make some recommendations for the Land Use and Development Ordinance early next year.

In the meantime, we wanted to provide some additional information and resources for farmers or others interested in agri-tourism in Oregon.

Oregon Policy Handout on “Growing Your Business with Agritourism”: http://industry.traveloregon.com/content/uploads/2017/07/Agritourism-Webinar_7-20171.pdf

Oregon Agritourism Handbook: http://industry.traveloregon.com/industry-resources/toolkits/welcome-oregon-agritourism-handbook/

If you have some thoughts about agri-tourism in Wasco County, please take our 7 minute survey before June 19th!  You can also submit comments at any time during the next several years.