Goal 4 of the Statewide Land Use Planning Program Goals is Forest Lands.  As one of the last Goals to be addressed by Wasco County 2040, the Comprehensive Plan Update, we are now looking for public comment.

During the last several years, we have received a tremendous amount of public input.  The most relevant to forest lands are concerns for water quantity/quality, fire hazards, and habitat.

Goal 4 was not part of the official Wasco County 2040 Periodic Review work plan, but staff and the Citizen Advisory Group have still identified amendments to this Goal to ensure we address those public concerns.

Policies in the current Goal 4 of the Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Land use regulation and tax incentives should be designed to safeguard forest management operations on both private and public lands.
  • Lands within the F-1 forest designation shall be managed for maintenance of water quality and quantity, in addition to timber protection, fish and wildlife, soil conservation and air quality.
  • All physical development should be located such that it minimizes the risk of wildfire and allows for assistance in the control of wildfire.
  • Coordination with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife should occur whenever possible during the land use review process.
  • Dwellings should be permitted on lands owned prior to extensive implementation of Goal 4 protection (January 1985) where consistent with the Transition Lands Study Area (TLSA) study dated September 17, 1997.

Each of these policies is supplemented by several implementation measures that include things like ensuring for Fire Safety Standard implementation, coordination with the local Rural Fire Protection District, and maintaining stocking requirements.

While most of the focus for our 2020 Roadshow in February will be on wildlife habitat and recreation, we are still looking for any suggestions, comments, or feedback you have about these policies and ideas for possible implementation strategies.  You can submit comments here, send us an email or letter, or attend one of our public meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you!