Short Term Rentals

If you take ten minutes to take our current survey you will see a question about short term vacation rentals.  We are asking for your input on vacation rentals and how you might like to use land use planning regulations to address (or not to). Short term rentals (rentals of dwelling for under 30 days, … Continue reading Short Term Rentals

Economic Development Policies

As part of our 2018 Spring Roadshow, we will be talking to communities about possible economic policies and implementation strategies to include in Wasco County 2040.  Some suggestions we received during the visioning work sessions were: Job creation through flexible and/or innovative land use planning Encourage technology networks (broadband, etc) Support home occupations by making … Continue reading Economic Development Policies

Water Conservation and Farms

During the 2017 Vision work sessions, water was identified by the community as a priority for strategic planning.  In May and June, during our 2018 road show series, water conservation ideas or other strategies related to water resources will be a topic of discussion. The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) manages water supply needs and rights, … Continue reading Water Conservation and Farms