Wasco County 2040 Finalization

The final Wasco County 2040 have been sent to the State to be approved by Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. You can view Wasco County 2040 Chapters (Comprehensive Plan) that have been approved to date here: https://www.co.wasco.or.us/departments/planning/long_range/wasco_county_2040.php Once the final Chapters have been approved, staff will combine them into a finished document that will … Continue reading Wasco County 2040 Finalization

Destination Resort Eligibility Map

At the October 7th Board of County Commissioner meeting, citizens requested the Destination Resort Map be modified to include township and range. County staff has modified the map. It is available for view here: EligibleSitesOctober2020Download Please open as a pdf to enlarge/zoom.

Board of County Commissioners Extends Comment Deadline

At the Board of County Commissioner hearing on Wednesday October 7, 2020, the Board decided to extend the deadline for written comments and use the time on October 21st to deliberate. The Board of County Commissioners is scheduled for two hearings on October 21st at 10 am to hear revisions pertaining to Ordinance 20-001 and … Continue reading Board of County Commissioners Extends Comment Deadline