Land Use Planning Incentives

The Oregon Statewide Land Use Planning Goals require Comprehensive Plans to develop implementation strategies for achieving goals and policies for each Goal.  Goal 6 (Air, Water, and Land Resources Quality) is one example where there is a recommendation to use incentives to help achieve policy. In developing Wasco County 2040, the Citizen Advisory Group and … Continue reading Land Use Planning Incentives

Agri-tourism and Wasco County 2040

During the 2017 Wasco County 2040 Visioning roadshow and public outreach, Planning staff and the Citizen Advisory Group asked community members, property owners, and stakeholders for input on amending land use planning regulations to allow for more opportunities for agri-tourism events and activities. In 2011, Senate Bill 960 allowed counties to adopt new provision, in … Continue reading Agri-tourism and Wasco County 2040