The Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) is the regulatory document utilized by the Wasco County Planning Department to permit land use development and activities in Wasco County.

Generally, the document consists of a combination of process, state law, federal law, and rules decided by Wasco County residents and property owners during a public process.

The purposes of the Ordinance are:

  • To promote public health, safety, convenience, and general welfare;
  • To reduce congestion upon the streets and highways;
  • To prevent excessive population density and the overcrowding of land;
  • To provide for adequate air and light;
  • To conserve natural resources and encourage the orderly growth of the County;
  • To promote safety from fire and natural disaster; to assist in rendering adequate police and fire protection;
  • To facilitate adequate and economic provision for public improvements, for recreation areas, and for public utilities and services;
  • To conserve, stabilize, and protect property values;
  • And to encourage the most appropriate use of land, all in accordance with the comprehensive plan for Wasco County.

Planners apply the criteria and regulations in the LUDO to development or use permits in Wasco County. Staff reports that accompanying permits, for example, contain the relevant criteria that staff must address through findings and conclusions.

The proposed update consists of not only changes identified during Wasco County 2040, but also changes to state law, and recommendations from the public, stakeholders and Planning staff. The end goal of the update is to have an efficient and effective ordinance that is in compliance with relevant laws and works best to achieve the community vision identified during Wasco County 2040. To see the tentative timeline and categories for update, visit the LUDO Update Overview. Staff has prepared a FAQ to answer questions and have also developed an Ask a Planner form so that you may pose any additional LUDO Update questions.