Census 2020

If you follow the Wasco County Planning Department Facebook page you will have noticed sharing of Census 2020 news and public service announcements. Accurate population numbers and demographic information are critical to the work we, and other government organizations, do.  It helps when applying for grants to showcase need, gives us an idea how to … Continue reading Census 2020

Recreation Needs and Updates

Over the last several years, the Wasco County Planning Department and Citizen Advisory Group have received a lot of feedback about recreation. The needs identified by community members include: Recreational bicycle use on County Roads Balancing of recreational/natural resources Opportunities for private and public recreation should be supported by land use planning Coordinate with key … Continue reading Recreation Needs and Updates

Coming up with Wasco County 2040

The next phase of updates for Wasco County 2040 will be all about wildlife, forests and recreation. Staff is currently working with Oregon Fish and Wildlife to understand how our sensitive wildlife maps may need to be revised.  This may mean minor or major updates that will impact Environmental Protection District 8.  The Citizen Advisory … Continue reading Coming up with Wasco County 2040

Accessory Dwelling Unit Legislation

During the 2019 Roadshow, Wasco County Planning staff and the Citizen Advisory Group presented information about pending legislation (Senate Bill 88) that would allow for accessory dwelling units (ADU) to be permitted in rural residential zones. Based on public input, proposed amendments to Chapter 10 (Housing) of the Comprehensive Plan recommend allowing for ADUs in … Continue reading Accessory Dwelling Unit Legislation

Tourism Infographic

Planning staff attended the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance Summit yesterday to learn more about trends with tourism.  The meeting included speakers from the agro-tourism and craft beverage sectors in Wasco County.  There was also continued discussion on encouraging more traffic and tourism from Portland to head further east to reduce congestion and spread the impact. … Continue reading Tourism Infographic

New Lots in Forest Zones

Several months ago, we published an infographic sharing the results of some analysis from the Planning and GIS departments that depicts possible new lots in farm and forest zones: A few community members requested a similar map be created for possible divisions in the forest zone: If you are familiar with the Wasco County zoning … Continue reading New Lots in Forest Zones