Central Gorge Producer Survey (OSU)

Are you a farmer in Wasco County? OSU, WSU and Gorge Grown Food Network are currently surveying farmers in the central Gorge. Here is the information: Dear Farmers and Ranchers, Gorge Grown Food Network, OSU Extension and WSU Extension are engaged in planning their programs, workshops and projects for the next few years and have … Continue reading Central Gorge Producer Survey (OSU)

2017 Integrated Water Resources Strategy

In talking to community members to date, we have heard a lot of concerns about water and the future of water availability in Wasco County. The Planning Department works with several partners who manage things like water rights and water health.  A critical partner is the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD). OWRD has a public … Continue reading 2017 Integrated Water Resources Strategy

Wasco County Food Systems

Gorge Grown Food Network and the Columbia Gorge Community Health Assessment in 2013 have given us some good data to understand food systems in Wasco County and how it impacts our businesses and residents. Staff has prepared an infographic that shares the highlights from data available The Oregon Community Food Systems Network. Access to services … Continue reading Wasco County Food Systems

Rural Oregon and Employment

This month, the State of Oregon Employment Department published a 44 page report on the status of employment and recession recovery in rural Oregon.  By their definition, Wasco County is included in list of counties analyzed. Wasco County fares significantly better than many other rural counties in terms of job gains since the pre-recession (2007) … Continue reading Rural Oregon and Employment