Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available

For the first time, community wildfire risk has been mapped nationwide to help community leaders mitigate risk. The USDA Forest Service recently released this free, interactive, easy-to-use tool: Wildfire Risk to Communities. This website is designed to help community leaders nationwide understand how wildfire risk varies across a state, region, or county and allow them … Continue reading Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available

Wasco County 2040 2020 Outreach Report

Staff has completed the 2019-2020 (to date) Outreach Report to share with the Citizen Advisory Group at tonight's meeting.  You can read a copy here: Wasco County 2040 2020 Outreach Report We have also had requests for a copy of the presentation shared at the 2020 Roadshow events.  You can view a copy here: Roadshow … Continue reading Wasco County 2040 2020 Outreach Report

New Map Related to Destination Resorts

Based on feedback from Dufur's roadshow meeting, Planning staff worked with County GIS staff to prepare a new map to show the proposed eligible sites in relation to current rural fire protection districts. Many residents at the Dufur roadshow meeting expressed concern that some of the proposed eligible sites, based on the destination resort basic … Continue reading New Map Related to Destination Resorts

Destination Resort Map

Destination resorts are defined as self-contained developments providing visitor-oriented accomodations and developed recreational facilities in a setting with high natural amenities.  Examples include Sunriver in Deschutes County and Brasada Ranch in Crook County. In order to permit destination resorts in Wasco County, Goal 8 of state law requires Wasco County adopt a map that shows … Continue reading Destination Resort Map

Wildlife Habitat Overlay Zone Updates

Work task 18 of the Wasco County 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update is to update our overlay zones, called environmental protection districts, with updated wildlife information from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). Staff has prepared an FAQ to answer some of the questions about this process. Environmental Protection District (EPD) 8, the Sensitive … Continue reading Wildlife Habitat Overlay Zone Updates

Recreation Needs and Updates

Over the last several years, the Wasco County Planning Department and Citizen Advisory Group have received a lot of feedback about recreation. The needs identified by community members include: Recreational bicycle use on County Roads Balancing of recreational/natural resources Opportunities for private and public recreation should be supported by land use planning Coordinate with key … Continue reading Recreation Needs and Updates