The State Department of Land Conservation and Development has approved the 2021 Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) updates. The new LUDO is now live on the Wasco County website and reflects revisions to Chapter 2 (Procedures), Overlay Zones (formerly Environmental Protection Districts) 4-7, 9, 10, 12 and 14, Chapter 21 (Land Divisions) and the movement of road standards from Chapter 21 into a standalone Chapter 22.

You can read more about these revisions by following the links above.

The 2022 Update focused on: mandatory and optional updates to farm and forest zones including agritourism; revisions to the energy facilities chapter; the creation of a communications facilities chapter to be consistent with federal law; the creation of a military airspace overlay zone to ensure for early communication with the Department of Defense on tall or otherwise encroaching development; and some housekeeping revisions. There will also be revisions to Chapter 1 – Definitions to support the other proposed amendments.

Housekeeping revisions are now live and can be reviewed. The other drafts will be shared on a rolling schedule beginning in April 2022. Hearings for the proposed amendments will begin in September 2022, providing maximum time for public review and comment. You can receive an email alerting you to updates by submitting your info here.

We welcome your feedback and questions at any time.