Staff has prepared a two page information sheet to share some of the basic facts about Wasco County 2040 and the next steps including an overview of Comprehensive Plans, the process timeline, and how you can get involved.

We have copies available at our workshops, Planning Department office or you can download a pdf copy by clicking on the link here:  Wasco County 2040 Two Sheet NOV 2018

We encourage you to take a few moments to check out this project website, learn the FAQs, get involved, learn about upcoming meetings, check out workshop activities and agendas, and read our many different informational posts about economics, housing, recreation and more!

Our next big series of public outreach events will be starting in Spring 2019, when we visit different parts of the County to talk about specific policy objectives.  Based on the feedback from the first round of workshops in Summer 2017, and our work plan, we will be looking for more information about flexible minimum parcel sizes (what preferences are based on permitted options) and alternative housing (what preferences are based on permitted options).  This will include a discussion of topics like: non-resource zone creation, changing rural service area boundaries, accessory dwelling units, and short term rental regulations.

The general purpose behind Wasco 2040, and Comprehensive Plans more generally, is to give us a 20 to 30 year long range or long term plan for land use policy and regulations.  This usually requires us to identify community goals and objectives, as well as challenges to development and growth, in order to best inform policy and implementation tools and strategies.

Feedback is welcome at any time during the process, and can submitted through the project website, sent via mail to:

Wasco County Planning Department
ATTN: Wasco County 2040
2705 E 2nd Street
The Dalles, OR 97058

We will also have opportunities for public feedback and comment at our many work sessions and hearings over the next two and a half years.