Oregon Statewide Housing Plan

Oregon Housing and Community Services has released County Housing Profiles as part of their development of a statewide Housing Plan.  You can see Wasco County's data here: http://www.oregon.gov/ohcs/DO/shp/profiles/Wasco-County-Housing-Profile.pdf The data sheet gives information on  wages related to housing affordability, home ownership rates, and some other indicators of economic and housing health.  Data shows that there is … Continue reading Oregon Statewide Housing Plan

Opening with the Wasco County Planning Commission

The Wasco County Planning Commission currently has the two alternate positions open and are accepting applications for volunteers.  Alternates attend and participate in Planning Commissions but do not vote on matters unless a voting member is absent from the meeting.  Alternates are also considered first to fill vacancies on the Planning Commission. The Wasco County … Continue reading Opening with the Wasco County Planning Commission