Oregon Land Use Planning Goals that Impact Wasco County

A Comprehensive Plan has to address relevant Oregon Statewide Planning Goals.  DLCD has developed a primer on state land use planning goals, and staff has modified it to focus on those that impact Wasco County with some additional detail. During the vision roadshow, we will be asking for you input on which Goals you think … Continue reading Oregon Land Use Planning Goals that Impact Wasco County

Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Planning staff participated in a series of events sponsored by Travel Oregon in 2016. This series was focused on rural tourism, and ways to improve outreach, coordination, marketing, and more in the Gorge and Eastern Oregon. Wasco is split into two regions according to Travel Oregon.  The majority of the county is in the Central … Continue reading Oregon Tourism and Wasco County

Wasco County Park Inventory

Wasco County has a variety of recreation facilities, including camping, hiking, fishing and horseback riding parks. Staff has developed a draft update to the Wasco County Parks inventory listed in the original Comprehensive Plan. WascoCountyParksInventory We used this data to help us tell the story of recreation in Wasco County: Because we were using the … Continue reading Wasco County Park Inventory

April 11th Meeting Update

There was a great attendance for our kick off public meeting on April 11th and many residents and business owners offered their feedback about their visions for Wasco County and what they would like to see moving forward. Some of the concerns expressed by attendees included: water availability for agriculture and residential uses, agriculture minimum … Continue reading April 11th Meeting Update

Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

One of the projects we are working on in tandem with the Wasco 2040 update is a mandatory update to the Wasco County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP).  One of the prior tasks listed in the NHMP was for an update to the Comprehensive Plan.  Similarly, in looking at our Environmental Protection Districts and Wildfire … Continue reading Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Wasco County 2040 Citizen Advisory Group

The Citizen Advisory Group is made up of Planning Commission members, but runs according to a separate charter with different Chair and Vice Chair leadership. The Citizen Advisory Group members self-identified areas in Wasco County they felt they best represented in order to help citizens make direct connections.  GIS Staff created a  territory map to illustrate … Continue reading Wasco County 2040 Citizen Advisory Group

Wasco County 2040: Look Ahead

Staff has prepared the above two page information sheet to share some of the basic facts about Wasco County 2040 and the next steps.  You can download a pdf copy by clicking on the link here: Wasco County 2040.

Event Activities and Agendas

Staff and Citizen Advisory Group members will be travelling the County over the next several months to give a presentations and conduct some visioning work to help finalize our Wasco County 2040 workplan. What is visioning? Visioning is a process designed to bring members of the public together to consider their common future, identify goals … Continue reading Event Activities and Agendas

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Oregon's statewide Land Use Planning Goals are achieved through local comprehensive planning.  State law requires each city and county to adopt a comprehensive plan and the zoning and land use/development ordinances needed to put the plan into effect. Plans are structured around the state's Land Use Planning Goals.  Each Goal has specific policies that help us … Continue reading What is a Comprehensive Plan?