The next phase of updates for Wasco County 2040 will be all about wildlife, forests and recreation.

Staff is currently working with Oregon Fish and Wildlife to understand how our sensitive wildlife maps may need to be revised.  This may mean minor or major updates that will impact Environmental Protection District 8.  The Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) may also hear proposals for future work to environmental protection districts, including the addition of a new protection district for oak habitat.

In addition to map changes which are part of Goal 5 work, there are two remaining Statewide Land Use Planning Goals that need to be addressed by Wasco County 2040.  These are Goal 4 (Forest Lands) and Goal 8 (Recreation).  While not a part of the official work plan, staff and the CAG will undertake a review of current policies and implementation measures to determine what amendments need to be made to be current with state law, reflect practice, and improve these resources for Wasco County twenty years into the future.

In a few months, the Wasco County Planning Department will be sending a postcard to every property owner informing them of the upcoming roadshow series (tentatively scheduled for February 2020).  We look forward to meeting with citizens again to hear feedback about proposed changes.

If you have thoughts you would like to share ahead of those meetings, please submit a comment.  You can also sign up for our notification list or follow us through social media to stay informed.