Over the last several years, the Wasco County Planning Department and Citizen Advisory Group have received a lot of feedback about recreation.

The needs identified by community members include:

  • Recreational bicycle use on County Roads
  • Balancing of recreational/natural resources
  • Opportunities for private and public recreation should be supported by land use planning
  • Coordinate with key partners
  • Reduce maintenance liability on dedicated open space
  • Consider impacts to emergency services when increasing activity/development
  • Recreation is one of Wasco County’s greatest assets
  • Recreational homes on ranchettes

We have a poll that captures some of these needs and are asking for your input on which is a top priority for you?  We will working on incorporating these needs in the update to the recreation chapter (Goal 8) over the next several months.

In February, the Planning Department and Citizen Advisory Group will once again take the show on the road to help shape new policies for the next 20 years of Wasco County.