In December and January, Planning Department staff will be presenting proposed amendments to Chapters 2, 3, 6 and 9 to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.  These correlate to work tasks 5-8, or land use planning incentives, agri-tourism, water resources and economic development.

In 2019, we have another full agenda for the year.  Work task 9 will require updates to the aggregate and historical resources inventories.  We are accepting public comment about either of these issues at any time and will likely host some open houses to review the proposed inventory amendments.

Also on the work plan for 2019 are updates to Chapter 12, or the Transportation goal.  These policies and strategies are some of the newest in the current Comprehensive Plan, as they were updated in conjunction with the adoption of the Transportations Systems Plan in 2009.  Staff is currently working with relevant partners to address needed updates and will also share information with the public via our various online channels and at an open house or work session.

The 2019 road show is dedicated to getting more input, and trying to find consensus on issues of alternative housing and flexible minimum parcel sizes in the agricultural zone.  Based on survey input and the experience of the last two years of road show events, the format for these events will include small group discussion and some exercises that we hope to also replicate in an online format.  We anticipate hosting four to five roadshow events countywide on weekday evenings to ensure broad participation.  If you have questions, suggestions, or comments we encourage you to write to us.

In preparation for 2020 and our final, busy year of updates, we may also be scheduling some public workshops to look at various issues including Environmental Protection Districts, Forest zones, and Recreation.  If you are not already signed up for notification of major news and events, we encourage you to do so.

We also have a survey open to find out your opinions about housing related issues.  It only takes a few minutes and is a great way to get involved.