In preparation for this year’s roadshow event series, we posted a brief survey asking some questions about alternative housing and your thoughts.  We have received a record number of responses and wanted to share current results.  We will be closing the survey on April 1st.

One of the first questions we asked was related to short term rentals.  With housing market pressures, some jurisdictions have adopted regulations for short term rentals, like VRBO and AirBnB, to limit short term rental impacts to the long term rental market.  We wanted to understand whether this might be a strategy used to help housing issues in Wasco County.  Currently, the results are divided down the middle:


These results mirror a poll we have up on the project website asking a similar question.  It appears public sentiment is mixed on whether or not to regulate short term rentals.

As a follow up question, we asked if Wasco County were to regulate what the preference was for the type of rules related to short term rentals.  The preference currently is to develop separate and distinct rules related directly to short term rentals, rather than treating like a home occupation or bed and breakfast.


In the survey, and in polls on the project website, we have asked for input about accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  This year, Senate Bill 88  proposes to allow counties to permit ADUs in rural residentially zoned lands.  Staff expects there may also be future legislation to allow ADUs in other rural zones.  Based on these trends at the legislative level, we asked where you would like to see ADUs allowed:


The current preference is clearly to allow ADUs wherever primary dwellings are permitted.  This would include farm and forest zones in Wasco County.

If Senate Bill 88 makes it into law, our survey data clearly indicates a preference to permit ADUs in rural Wasco County.

These topics, and more, will be part of our 2019 roadshow event series in March.  We invite you to attend, learn more, and share your thoughts.  We also encourage you to submit comments, take the survey, and peruse the project website for more information.