clearlakekayakOne of the Oregon State land use planning goals is Recreation (Goal 8).  Not only is it part of our current Comprehensive Plan, but we anticipate recreation being a critical part of our vision for the future of Wasco County.

The current Comprehensive Plan has an inventory of day use and overnight facilities in Wasco County.  Staff went through an audited this information, and combined with some facts and figures from partners at the State agencies and local organizations, developed the infographic below that demonstrates the importance of recreation in Wasco County.

Along with the many economic and social benefits of recreation to Wasco County residents, businesses and visitors, one of major considerations for Wasco County 2040 will be how to strategically site new recreation facilities or locations against existing infrastructure and public services and facilities.

One land use planning option is to designate an area in the County as a destination resort.  Other recommended strategies for managing and growing recreation using land use planning tools include easements, cluster developments, and evaluating subdivision park land dedication requirements.

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