On June 4th, the Planning Commission recommended approval of proposed updates to Chapter 10 (Housing) and 14 (Urbanization) to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).  The BOCC will have the first hearing (of two) on July 3rd.  You can read proposed changes from the Planning Commission packets on the Wasco County website.

Also on July 3rd the BOCC will have the second reading of proposed updates to Chapters 5 and 12.

The next tasks on the Periodic Review work plan include updates to Chapter 7 (Natural Hazards), and more work on Chapter 5 (Goal 5).  Many of these tasks are due to the Department of Land Conservation and Development in March of 2020.  This means work sessions and hearings will start in September.

These updates will include the following:

  • Change references on wetlands/waterways from National Wetland Inventory to State Wetland Inventory
  • Update Wild and Scenic River information in the Comprehensive Plan
  • Ensure consistency with aggregate resource state law

We will also being starting conversations on other, remaining Chapters of Wasco County 2040 including Chapter 3 (Forest Lands), Chapter 8 (Recreation), Chapter 11 (Public Facilities and Services) and Chapter 13 (Energy Conservation).

We encourage your participation.  Please submit comments at any time.