During the 2019 Roadshow, Wasco County Planning staff and the Citizen Advisory Group presented information about pending legislation (Senate Bill 88) that would allow for accessory dwelling units (ADU) to be permitted in rural residential zones.

Based on public input, proposed amendments to Chapter 10 (Housing) of the Comprehensive Plan recommend allowing for ADUs in rural residential zones, as allowed by changes to state law.  These proposed amendments will be heard by the Wasco County Board of Commissioners on July 3rd.

Senate Bill 88 has not moved from the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, and based on delays at the Senate from lack of a quorum, it is likely this bill will not pass into law.

Staff has received some indication to expect a similar bill to be presented during the short session in 2020.  The intention to allow for ADUs in rural residential lands is proposed to be codified in Wasco County 2040, the Wasco County Comprehensive Plan.  This will allow for modifications to the Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) as state law changes.

The LUDO updates, based on Wasco County 2040 work, are tentatively scoped for 2021 and 2022.