In addition to the postponed updates to Wasco County 2040, updates presented to the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners in the late summer/early Fall of 2020 will include several revised chapters and a general clean up of the finalized Comprehensive Plan.

One of these Chapters is the Revisions Process Chapter.  Formerly Chapter 11, the new Chapter 15 of the Comprehensive Plan (Wasco County 2040) includes the same plan revisions process but in a new format.

We have prepared a rough draft of the new Chapter well in advance of the August/September hearing for public review.  To view a pdf of the proposed chapter, click the highlighted link: RevisionsChapter.

This Chapter outlines the criteria and process for amending policies, text, maps, inventories and/or other information in the Comprehensive Plan.  By in large, these criteria and process are reflective of state law requirements including the Transportation Planning Rule (OAR 660-012).

We are interested in your feedback!  Submit a comment on the draft here.