Previously identified as Environmental Protection Districts (EPD), Wasco County currently has 14 overlay zones that vary in purposes from resource protection, natural hazard mitigation, to unique development zoning. In 2021, staff is proposing to update those overlay zones impacted by any policy or implementation measures identified during Wasco County 2040.

Updates may also include any mandatory revisions or recommended edits for clarity.

2021 will focus on Environmental Protection Districts (EPDs) 4-10, and 12 and 14. Most of these changes will be minor but necessary to improve efficiency of the Land Use and Development Ordinance.

The Overlay Zones (EPDs) are as follows:

EPD-1 Floodplain

EPD -2 Geological Hazards

EPD 3- Airport Overlay Zone

EPD 4- Cultural, Historical and Archaeological Resources

EPD 5- Mineral and Aggregate

EPD 6- Reservoir Buffer

EPD 7 – Natural Areas (Including Oregon Scenic Waterways and Federal Wild and Scenic Rivers)

EPD 8- Sensitive Wildlife (Big Game)

EPD 9 – Big Muddy Limited Use Overlay (Washington Family Ranch Youth Camp)

EPD 10- Badger Creek Limited Use Overlay

EPD 11 – Pine Hollow Airport Overlay

EPD 12 – Sensitive Bird Sites

EPD 13- Western Pond Turtles

EPD 14- Camp Morrow Limited Use Overlay (Youth Camp)

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