Using several sources of data, staff have pulled together this handy infographic to share some basic information about jobs in Wasco County.  One of the recurring themes we are hearing in our survey (Take the short survey here and share your thoughts!) and at our workshops is the need for good jobs that support families.  While our regional economic development organization MCEDD does most of the hard work helping businesses in our region, the Planning Department can support those efforts through careful land use planning.

One of the ways we currently do that is by preserving farmland for future cultivation by reducing the ability to divide into small lots and/or develop as residential only use.

For Wasco County 2040, we are interested in hearing your thoughts about job growth, employment, and the types of jobs you would like to see.  One thing we have heard, for instance, is an interest for more opportunities for agro-tourism.  We are currently looking at ways to incorporate those types of uses into our land use plan and would love additional feedback about the most effective way to help support those types of uses.

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Wasco County Jobs

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