On October 9th, a work session with the Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) was held to discuss proposed updates related to work tasks 5-8.  Feedback from the CAG and the public was incorporated into the draft presented before the Planning Commission on November 6th.  The Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval to the Board of County Commissioners.

Work Tasks 5-8 were discussed with the public and stakeholders in the Spring of this year, including at May and June road show events.  The topics included:

  • water conservation
  • land use planning incentives
  • agri-tourism
  • economic development

The feedback from public meetings, online comments, surveys and stakeholder interviews have been compiled and resulted in proposed amendments which can be viewed on the Wasco County Planning Department website as part of the Planning Commission packets for November 6th.  The packets include staff reports, explaining changes, and reviewing relevant criteria to legislative updates.

The next phase with be two hearings before the Board of County Commissioners scheduled for December 19th and January 16th.

The public is invited to participate and can submit comments at any time via mail, email or by using our online comment form.  We encourage you to follow updates by signing up for our notification list.  You can also see new content and information by following us on social media.

Please take a minute to explore the project website and take our survey, as well as register your vote in some of our topic specific polls.  All the information is compiled into our public input reports that help shape the direction of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.