We currently have a survey up to find out more about how you would like to give feedback for 2019 Wasco County 2040 topics during our annual roadshow series of workshops.

Current results indicate most participants prefer surveys and other quick feedback mechanism to participate in Wasco County 2040.  A smaller percentage like emailing comments or coming to meetings.

For the 2019 topics of minimum parcel size and flexible housing options, we asked respondents what type of meeting format they would prefer.  So far, the majority of respondents prefer a small group design style format, with small group and large group discussion being the second and third choices.

The top location picks are The Dalles, Maupin, Mosier, Tygh Valley and Dufur.

As we continue planning for these upcoming workshops, we would love to hear from you.  Do these answers resonate with your preferences?  Please take few minutes to take our survey or send us comments.