As part of the Wasco County 2040 Goal 5 work, Wasco County Planning staff will be finalizing an implementation plan for the Miles Creek Subbasin Total Maximum Daily Load.

This work is required by the State Department of Environmental Quality and supports planning efforts to reduce development and activity that increases pollution in the creeks and tributaries that flow into the Columbia River.  One of the main concerns, especially over fish species, are the ecological impacts on water temperature and quality that result from ground disturbance and development.

The implementation plan will focus on many of the existing riparian area setbacks and policies required by Goal 5 as well as highlighting many of the riparian rehabilitation efforts by Wasco Soil and Water Conservation District.  This is also why the TMDL Implementation Plan will be presented and reviewed by the Citizen Advisory Group in October and the Planning Commission in November.

The Miles Creek Subbasin includes Mosier Creek, the mile creeks, and Mill Creek.

We invite you to attend one of the upcoming events and provide feedback.  You can also submit comments to Planning staff directly and track upcoming information on social media.