Work Task 13, the next work task on the Wasco County 2040 work plan, focuses on updating Comprehensive Plan policies and implementation.  The goal of this task is to align Wasco County 2040 with the recent work in the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP).

Approved by FEMA, the NHMP is a multi-jurisdictional plan that works to reduce community risk from all natural hazards, including flood, drought, hazards, earthquakes, and wildfire.  The Wasco County Planning Department is tasked with several action items, including supporting updates to Flood Insurance Risk Maps, encouraging defensible space around structures, and limiting development in hazardous areas, like in landslide or flood prone lands.

Updates to Wasco County 2040 will highlight these action items, as well as make connections to other long range planning efforts like the recent Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire Program and upcoming Community Wildfire Protection Plan work.

During the many roadshow events, we have heard ongoing concern from the community about wildfire and water.  Natural hazard planning is one way Wasco County Planning can help mitigate these risks and encourage safety for the County.

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