Forest Lands (Goal 4) Chapter

In preparation for the Planning Commission on September 1st, planning staff is finalizing drafts of the remaining Chapters of Wasco County 2040.  This includes Chapter 4 (Goal 4), Forest Lands. You can see the draft version here: Goal 4 Forest Lands In addition to revising the existing information into the new Comprehensive Plan (Wasco County … Continue reading Forest Lands (Goal 4) Chapter

Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available

For the first time, community wildfire risk has been mapped nationwide to help community leaders mitigate risk. The USDA Forest Service recently released this free, interactive, easy-to-use tool: Wildfire Risk to Communities. This website is designed to help community leaders nationwide understand how wildfire risk varies across a state, region, or county and allow them … Continue reading Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available