Upcoming in September

The next series of work tasks to be tackled for Wasco County 2040 include: updating hazard references, updating references to State Wetland Inventory, evaluating protections, policy and protections for the Wild and Scenic Rivers, and ensuring compliance with state law. The majority of the work tasks fall under Goal 5 (Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic … Continue reading Upcoming in September

CPAW and Recommendations for Wasco County 2040

Over the last year, Wasco County Planning Department staff has worked with the Community Planning Assistance for Wildfires (CPAW) team to evaluate Wasco County's wildfire risks and determine possible land use planning strategies that can be used to reduce risk. The team identified risk levels throughout the County and proposed that Wasco County 2040 incorporate … Continue reading CPAW and Recommendations for Wasco County 2040