The next series of work tasks to be tackled for Wasco County 2040 include: updating hazard references, updating references to State Wetland Inventory, evaluating protections, policy and protections for the Wild and Scenic Rivers, and ensuring compliance with state law.

The majority of the work tasks fall under Goal 5 (Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces).   This corresponds with Wasco County 2040’s Chapter 5.

State law, specifically Oregon Administrative Rules 660-23, prescribes procedures and requirements for Goal 5 issues.  That includes definitions, how Wasco County inventories items, and what types of protections or rules are required.

Wasco County has 13 categories of Goal 5 resources to evaluate.  These include:

  • riparian corridors
  • wetlands
  • wildlife habitat
  • federal Wild and Scenic Rivers
  • Oregon Scenic Waterways
  • groundwater resources
  • natural areas
  • wilderness areas
  • mineral and aggregate resources
  • energy sources
  • historic resources
  • open spaces
  • scenic views and sites

Although not all of these resources are included in the work plan for update, the intention is ensure accurate references, policies and implementation for all.

Staff is working on the analysis for these topics and will present that work at an open house sometime in September.  An official Citizen Advisory Group will be held on October 1st.

We are interested in hearing from you about any of these resources.  Submit a comment!