During our February Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) work session, the CAG took under advisement public testimony and requested staff modify the map based on that feedback.

The main concerns expressed by the public were for sites in northern Wasco County along Tygh Ridge and up in the Petersburg area.  Staff has removed those areas now from the proposed designation, which leaves two primary eligible areas left in Wasco County:


You can view the former proposed map here.

This map, once adopted, demonstrates the areas in Wasco County that are eligible, pending a review process, for a destination resort.

Destination resorts are defined as self-contained developments providing visitor-oriented accommodations and developed recreational facilities in a setting with high natural amenities.  Examples include Sunriver in Deschutes County and Brasada Ranch in Crook County.

In order to permit destination resorts in Wasco County, Goal 8 of state law requires Wasco County to adopt a map that shows eligible/ineligible areas.  State law also outlines the criteria for eligibility:

  • Cannot be within 3 miles of high-value crop area as mapped by NRCS
  • Cannot be in the National Scenic Area
  • Cannot be in sensitive big game habitat as mapped by ODFW

There are some additional restrictions on approval, as well.

What the map means:

  • No destination resorts can be approved for areas outside of the eligible areas
  • Destination resorts are approved through a permit review by Planning staff and must meet criteria

This map is a tool that allows Wasco County to now accept destination resort applications.

Destination resorts have a high standard of criteria they must meet to be approved.  To read the relevant criteria in state law, please see ORS 197.445 and OAR 660-015-0000(8).

Do you have feedback about the map?  Submit a comment.  Time permitting, we may discuss with the CAG at the August work session. This map will be on the agenda for the September 1st Planning Commission hearing.