Wasco County Health Ranking Snapshot

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds an annual health ranking program that looks at a variety of data sets at the County level to arrive at rankings for health. The 2019 rankings have been released and are available here: http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/app/oregon/2019/county/snapshots/065/print For 2019, Wasco County was ranked 17th in the state  with lighter colors signalling better … Continue reading Wasco County Health Ranking Snapshot

Outreach Report Now Available

Results from all our public outreach and input efforts between July and April 1st arenow available in the Wasco County 2040 annual Outreach Report. You can view a pdf of the outreach report here: WascoCounty20402019OutreachReport--Final The report provides outreach numbers and shows all the input the Wasco County Planning Department has received over the last … Continue reading Outreach Report Now Available