Forest Lands (Goal 4) Chapter

In preparation for the Planning Commission on September 1st, planning staff is finalizing drafts of the remaining Chapters of Wasco County 2040.  This includes Chapter 4 (Goal 4), Forest Lands. You can see the draft version here: Goal 4 Forest Lands In addition to revising the existing information into the new Comprehensive Plan (Wasco County … Continue reading Forest Lands (Goal 4) Chapter

How to Provide Comment on Land Use Matters

Citizen Involvement is Goal 1 for the Oregon Statewide Planning Goals and a critical component of making effective land use plans.  We have prepared a brief primer on how to give effective comment on land use matters. Read the materials provided.  This may include plans, staff reports, and other background materials.  This will help you … Continue reading How to Provide Comment on Land Use Matters