Agri-tourism Resources

Over the last several months, we have spoken to lots of community members about agri-tourism and how we may incorporate available land use provisions for events and activities into Wasco County 2040. We will be working to adopt some new language to Wasco County 2040 and make some recommendations for the Land Use and Development Ordinance early next year.

In the meantime, we wanted to provide some additional information and resources for farmers or others interested in agri-tourism in Oregon.

Oregon Policy Handout on “Growing Your Business with Agritourism”:

Oregon Agritourism Handbook:

If you have some thoughts about agri-tourism in Wasco County, please take our 7 minute survey before June 19th!  You can also submit comments at any time during the next several years.

Agri-tourism and Wasco County 2040

During the 2017 Wasco County 2040 Visioning roadshow and public outreach, Planning staff and the Citizen Advisory Group asked community members, property owners, and stakeholders for input on amending land use planning regulations to allow for more opportunities for agri-tourism events and activities.

In 2011, Senate Bill 960 allowed counties to adopt new provision, in whole or in part (or not at all) to allow for additional types of activities and events, in conjunction with farm use.  These were categorized as “agri-tourism” uses and designed to be related to and in support of agriculture.

These uses would be added to Wasco County’s Exclusive Farm Use Zones (A-1 (160) and A-1 (40) regulations in the Land Use and Development Ordinance.  They are exclusive to state law, and therefore the National Scenic Area would not be eligible for these additional uses.

Staff has prepared the following white paper to help inform the public on the key issues related to agri-tourism and land use planning: Agritourism whitepaper WC 2040

New Lots in Forest Zones

Several months ago, we published an infographic sharing the results of some analysis from the Planning and GIS departments that depicts possible new lots in farm and forest zones:

NewLotsResourceZones (2)

A few community members requested a similar map be created for possible divisions in the forest zone:Dividable_F1_and_F2

If you are familiar with the Wasco County zoning map, you may notice that a portion of the forest zone has been excluded from this analysis; all properties under federal, state and local ownership were removed from this analysis.

Its important to reiterate that the analysis does not necessarily directly correlate to the total number of potential new dwellings.