Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available

For the first time, community wildfire risk has been mapped nationwide to help community leaders mitigate risk. The USDA Forest Service recently released this free, interactive, easy-to-use tool: Wildfire Risk to Communities. This website is designed to help community leaders nationwide understand how wildfire risk varies across a state, region, or county and allow them … Continue reading Wildfire Risk to Communities Tool Available

CPAW and Recommendations for Wasco County 2040

Over the last year, Wasco County Planning Department staff has worked with the Community Planning Assistance for Wildfires (CPAW) team to evaluate Wasco County's wildfire risks and determine possible land use planning strategies that can be used to reduce risk. The team identified risk levels throughout the County and proposed that Wasco County 2040 incorporate … Continue reading CPAW and Recommendations for Wasco County 2040

Natural Hazards

The Wasco County Planning Department currently is involved in two plan evaluations that will help inform new Natural Hazard policies and implementation strategies. The Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan update helps communities identify local policies and actions that can be implemented over the long term to reduce the impact of future losses from hazards.  This is a … Continue reading Natural Hazards