Thank you to all the citizens who have taken the 10-15 minutes to take our  visioning survey.

We wanted to share some initial results to give you an idea of the great feedback we are already receiving:

89% of respondents feel positive about the future of Wasco County.

67% want to continue to encourage single family housing development, and the same number would like to see an exploration or allowance for alternative housing types like tiny homes and mother in law suites.

78% of respondents want to encourage more public recreation and rural commercial development and 87% would like to see small scale agriculture development (like niche or speciality farms).

For housing development, survey respondents stressed affordability, rural character and flexible housing types as important.

When thinking of Wasco County’s future, the majority of responses indicated concern over the availability of good jobs and the ability to make a living farming.

Here is a word cloud showing some of the thoughts shared about the future of Wasco County land use planning:

Word Cloud.png


Want to add your own vision of Wasco County?  Take our survey!

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