The US Census Bureau has a web based mapping and reporting applications that illustrates where workers are employed and live, as well as additional demographic information, called OnTheMap.

Using the application and data from 2014, we are able to take a look at where people in Wasco County live and work:


This map illustrates that over 5,000 residents in Wasco County also work here, while over 6,000 live in Wasco but work in other counties.  The breakdown below shows the largest percentages of workers in Wasco County work in The Dalles, while the next most popular destinations for work are Hood River and Portland.


Staff also used the map tools to look at in and out flow of workers in Hood River for comparison.  Less Hood River residents travel outside the county for work than in Wasco County, but a higher percentage commute in to Hood River from elsewhere.

Hood River Inflow

As we think about housing, employment development, and transportations for the Comprehensive Plan Update, its useful to keep in mind how our region currently functions for people as residents and workers.