Thank you to all the citizens who have taken the 10-15 minutes to take our  visioning survey.  We will be closing the survey at the end of September for our final tally, so please take a few minutes to respond if you haven’t already done so!

We wanted to share a third round of results to give you an idea of the great feedback we have received to date (for our first review read this post,for our second review, see this post).

76% of respondents feel positive about the future of Wasco County.  Included in the comments were positive feelings about the people, opportunities, and rural living. Negative sentiment related to job prospects, concern over land use restrictions (either too many or too few), and social problems like drugs and crime.  When thinking of Wasco County’s future, people are also concerned about the availability of water.  This is a theme we have heard across the county at our roadshow workshop events.

55% want to continue to encourage single family residential development, while 62% want to discourage any future allowances for multi-family residences.  64% are interested in encouraging alternative housing types like tiny homes or mother in law suites.  (FOR A BRIEF PRIMER ON ALTERNATIVE HOUSING TYPES AND CHALLENGES, SEE THIS POST)

Housing affordability, rural character and accessibility of technology are all high priorities for respondents when considering residential development.

Here is a word cloud showing some of the thoughts shared about the future of Wasco County land use planning:

survey aug2017

One of the great questions we had at the Tygh Valley workshop related to themes we have seen to date.   The word cloud is one way to show themes that are common to people (the larger the word, the more times it has been communicated).  Survey results, comments, and live feedback we have heard at events to date show a common concern for water and its sustainability, agriculture, and maintaining a balanced rural way of life that includes jobs, infrastructure, and public services and facilities.

Above all, our citizens are passionate about Wasco County, the land and its people, and excited to think about ways to grow into the future.

Want to add your own vision of Wasco County?  Take our survey!

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