Staff and the Citizen Advisory Group are tackling the first work tasks on our work plan, making updates to Goal 1 and 2 while simultaneously changing the look of the Comprehensive Plan.

The first hearing will be on April 3rd with the Wasco County Planning Commission.

WorkTasks 1 & 2

These first changes are updates, rather than adding new policy, to the existing plan as well as changing the format of the Comprehensive Plan to make it more readable.  The new format of Wasco County 2040 will be focused around each land use planning goal.  Within each goal, there are specific policies and implementation points that help us to achieve our vision.

The updates will be available for review, along with a staff report, mid-March.

The process for adopting the amendments, or changes, looks like this:

Work Task Process

The next work task deadline is in November, and focuses on amendments to Goals 3 and 4.  Specifically, the current Comprehensive Plan references old minimum parcel sizes, which we will be amending.  The process for that adoption will be similar to the above, with hearings likely starting in September.

At the March 6th work session, we will also be discussing with the Citizen Advisory Group our next roadshow tentatively planned for this Spring/Summer.  This work will be looking at policy and implementation strategies that were specifically called out in the visioning process, and include things like agri-tourism, more flexible minimum parcel sizes, and incentive based approaches to land use planning/development.

In conjunction with these activities, we will be rolling out a few new topic or subject focused surveys, as well as informational videos and other materials to help you feel informed and ready to provide feedback.