As part of our 2018 Spring Roadshow, we will be talking to communities about possible economic policies and implementation strategies to include in Wasco County 2040.  Some suggestions we received during the visioning work sessions were:

  • Job creation through flexible and/or innovative land use planning
  • Encourage technology networks (broadband, etc)
  • Support home occupations by making rules more transparent/easier to be permitted
  • Provisions to support value added agriculture

Our current policies in the Comprehensive Plan include:

  • Maintain agriculture and forestry as economic base
  • Commercial and industrial development, compatible with ag and forestry, will be encouraged
  • Support expansion and increased productivity of existing industries/companies
  • Support Mid Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD) and their economic development plans/strategies
  • Encourage and support tourism

The Citizen Advisory Group and staff are interested to hear how (and if) you would like to update the current policies and strategies to help Wasco County, over the next 20 years, leverage land use planning to encourage economic vitality.  We invite you to attend one of our work sessions in May or June, or take our survey.  You can also submit a comment at any time through the website.

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