short term rentals

If you take ten minutes to take our current survey you will see a question about short term vacation rentals.  We are asking for your input on vacation rentals and how you might like to use land use planning regulations to address (or not to).

Short term rentals (rentals of dwelling for under 30 days, usually more than one visitor per month) are currently be regulated nationwide and in Oregon to reduce impact to long term rental market and address nuisance issues resulting from commercial type activities (overnight stays) happening in traditionally residential areas.  Several counties in Oregon, including Hood River County, have adopted ordinances that require a license and/or permit to operate a short term vacation rental from your home.  Most of these permits in Oregon require an applicant address:

  • Informing guests of quiet hours
  • Ongoing garbage service
  • Appropriate scale sanitation (sewer or septic) for number of visitors
  • Appropriate off-street parking for guests
  • Pay Transient Room Taxes

The Hood River Community Development Department has prepared a handout that outlines their rules and the application process.

Although unincorporated Wasco County currently has a small number of active short term rental listings, as shown in the infographic above, some residents expressed during the Wasco County 2040 visioning work sessions an interest in putting in place regulations to limit the total number of dwellings available for short term rental, or at a minimum regulating the activity/use for issues like nuisance.

We are interested in hearing from you!  Do you think Wasco County should have an ordinance regulating short term rentals in unincorporated Wasco County?

Share with us your thoughts by taking our survey, submit a comment, or join us at an upcoming work session!