Economic Development Policies

As part of our 2018 Spring Roadshow, we will be talking to communities about possible economic policies and implementation strategies to include in Wasco County 2040.  Some suggestions we received during the visioning work sessions were: Job creation through flexible and/or innovative land use planning Encourage technology networks (broadband, etc) Support home occupations by making … Continue reading Economic Development Policies

Agri-tourism and Wasco County 2040

During the 2017 Wasco County 2040 Visioning roadshow and public outreach, Planning staff and the Citizen Advisory Group asked community members, property owners, and stakeholders for input on amending land use planning regulations to allow for more opportunities for agri-tourism events and activities. In 2011, Senate Bill 960 allowed counties to adopt new provision, in … Continue reading Agri-tourism and Wasco County 2040

Wasco County Payroll and Employment Growth (2016)

Following up on a previous post about employment in Wasco County, staff wanted to share an overview about job and wage growth.  The State of Oregon Employment Department published a look at employment and payroll growth in Oregon counties from 2015 to 2016 last month.  The available data shows all industries in  Wasco County had … Continue reading Wasco County Payroll and Employment Growth (2016)